Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Shot on the Cover of Deva Lifewear Catalogue

My shot of local models and my friends, Alex and Mary Spence for the "Bolinas Chic" hemp clothing catalogue Deva Lifewear is going to be on the Cover! See it big here: http://www.devalifewear.com. We were out in the desert shooting with absolutely nothing around us, when these kind souls from Anthem Pets came by walking all of these dogs...it was serendipity!! They had to be in the shot!! They provided a very fun vibe for the whole rest of the shoot, but I knew in my heart that this was going to be the one!




Erica and I had a real adventure while I was shooting her pictures! We started out at the Monte Lucia resort, where a wedding was going on ...giant wedding, small property, lots of security= yeah, you guessed it, we got tossed! Plus, my assistant for a day, Gina, who had broken her leg at the roller skating rink had to do a lot of walking on her walking cast...owie!! Well, luckily for us, Toni, Erica's mom, knew the area...we were back up and running at the Camelback Marriott within minutes...I love the Marriott. I really do. They're so cool there, the grounds are so beautiful, and they make a great steak. Anyway, Erica was so cool and totally laughed about the whole thing, so there was no recover period...she just went for it!! we relaxed over there and had a great time and took some great shots of a Very beautiful girl.