Friday, March 19, 2010


Meet Dylan. She is the quintessential Junior Ambassador . I shoot high school Juniors every year to help me out with modeling and promotions throughout the next year's Senior season, and this year Dylan totally ruled her shoot! I loved this girl, she's totally beautiful inside and out, and her mom, Deanna, who is exactly my age and grew up in LA and was in the business, just like me was totally great! (And no, I will not tell you how old we are!) We started at City North, and Dylan Rocked the Plaza with her mile long legs and amazing attitude. Look at her jawline!!! Are you kidding me?! It's so defined you could use it as a tightrope and walk on that sucker! Well, after about three clicks, it became totally apparent that Dylan was going to be a super star...she had so many great shots, it was almost embarrassing. Every single thing she did was right. Fascinating. What a great day. By the way, if you know Dylan and would like to have pictures taken similar to these, ask her for a discount card!