Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Upcoming Workshops and Shoots

I just shipped my equipment to Florida for my upcoming photo workshop and photo shoots in the amazing Watercolor, Florida. I have rented a cool Victorian House, and will be doing a day on window light, a day on studio light, and a day and an evening on sunset shoots, even if the weather isn't holding up, because in life, light is crazy, even is Arizona, where there are 300 days of sunshine a year, and especially in somewhere like Florida, where it's almost guaranteed to rain every day. When I lived on Kaua'i, it rained every day, and, let me tell you, I should have bought stock in the Glad company, because the Ziplock baggie was my best friend.

Watercolor has special characteristics, and with these characteristics, challenges...the sand is super white, which can throw your meter off majorly, and the water clear and reflective; you can see your feet even when you're 30 yards off shore, and the light bouncing off the water can work a number on the old meter, as well. Also, there are a million, billion people out there...so I'm going to cover how to keep your cool when someone walks through your shot, and how to keep your clients focused, which is a biggie...people love to look around when there are spectators around, even when they're paying you good money to make them look your way. ;) They also love to talk to each other...it's like photographing people who are eating--don't do it! You have to make them ignore the crowds...a surefire way? It's covered in my seminar!