Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lisa and Travis

One thing I love about donating to auctions is that I get to meet people that I wouldn't necessarily meet otherwise. Lisa won me through an auction at the Florence Crittenton Foundation Gala, a great charitiy which helps single mothers and their children with care and medical services.

Travis told me right away that he doesn't smile...but my secret weapon was Lisa...every single time I had him look at Lisa, he got the sweetest, most tender look on his face, and yes, sometimes a made me cry, because that's the way my sweet little hubby looks at me, and that's what makes me know that they're going to be so happy together and made me want to shoot their wedding, ( I simply won't shoot a wedding if I don't feel the love between the couple...and I have a 100% record over the past 17 years...NONE of my couples have separated or that crazy?!) but I tried to laugh and joke through it so that they wouldn't think I was a complete lunatic. I mean, what photographer cries at every wedding they shoot, because she's so honored to be in such a unique position to witness that kind of unbridled, no holds barred love pouring out of the couple? Oh, right, me.

They will be married at the Millenium Hotel in September, and I'm very excited to say that I'll be there, taking pictures...and crying.