Saturday, March 29, 2008

One very cool photographer

I have been in this business for almost 15 years now, and I must say, most photographers are pretty territorial. When I moved to North Dakota, there were only 20 photographers in my town, and when I went by to introduce myself, NONE of them even invited me in to see their studios, so I just got really shy about the whole thing and have never really extended myself to the big guns, expecially to ask for help.

I guess because of that, I pretty much help anyone who asks, which has been great because I get to help people and see their creativity. I needed help today, with a shoot that I simply had no experience in doing...shooting shiny metal and making it look great. I looked all over the web and found Dino Petrocelli...he is incredible at what he does and shoots really beautifully, and I mustered up my courage and asked him how he does it.

Dino really went the extra mile. He totally held my hand through the whole thing, going as far as to give me his cell number in order to make it really easy for me. I was so appreciative! I couldn't even believe how cool he was about the whole thing. He even complimented my pictures, and asked me to tell him about them. What a mensch. Good Karma to you, buddy. You totally rock.