Friday, May 15, 2009

Famous people

I shot someone famous the other day. You'd recognize her. Anyone would, from your children to your grandmother. She was in town and just wanted family pictures, in a casual, relaxed setting, which we did. I was...I don't know, kind of scared beforehand...why did she call ME? What if her people told me that I had to only have green M&M's on hand, or I had to bow and curtsey before looking her in the eye? But she was great, and amazing and funny and self deprecating, and she had a stain onher shirt, and we laughed a lot and got a lot of great pictures, none of which I can show, of course, which kind of makes me sad, because they were great pictures, and I always like to share them with you, but also kind of makes me feel like I have a secret...does that make sense? Anyway, I just wanted to share what I could.