Friday, January 9, 2009

When Ann Becker asked me to come see her yard before we shot, I almost blew her off. I mean, here I am, the GREAT ME, I can make anything work brilliantly, why should I take the time to do something silly like go over and tell people to move their hose out of the way and make sure to pick up the dog know, what they already know but don't want to actually do it? Well, I happene to adore Ann, and I wanted to get to know her better anyway, so I gathered up the troops and brought them to New River, where we kept driving and driving, onto a dirt road, and driving, until we reached a sign that said Private Property. Buzz, my husband, was afraid to turn in, but after checking it out, it turned out that Ann's house is RIGHT ON THE EDGE OF THE TONTO NATIONAL FOREST!!! No dog poop or water hoses here. She has billion dollar panoramic views of absolutely breathtaking scenery, and she wanted to show her family in it. We spent more than an hour going all around her property, and found several places with good texture and great light to shoot. And here are the results. I'm atually not done; I want to do a collage with all of these cool scenery shots I took, and you know I'm not usually a scenery person. I just loved shooting the Becker family on their property! They were such a cohesive can tell that they all have such a deep love and respect for each other. It was a great day.