Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nuri's Senior Pictures!

Nuri is one of those kids who you know is going to change the world...and you better get out of the way now. I loved her on sight, but was slightly intimidated...she was nodding and smiling at me, but I could tell that she was having her senior pictures taken under duress...a fact that she confirmed within five minutes, which made me like her even more...I value honesty, what can I say? We started at the Cave Creek Coffee Company, then moved on to a funky part of Carefree, my new favorite spot, except for the fact that a guy in a junky car, with a filthy shirt and reeking of...well, to be precise, the funk that collects from not having bathed in a very long time came careening up, begging us to take Nuri's pictures with his "really cool saxophone". I was getting ready to tell him what to do with his saxophone when Nuri's mom, Nadine Shalaan, editor and publisher of our local fave magazine up here, the In &Out, roared up in her fab new Mini Cooper. That guy ran like a lamb when he sees mint jelly. The rest of the shoot was filled with great light, and beautiful Nuri. What else can you ask for?