Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting my Groove Back...a day outside the box

Today I got stood up by one of my senior ambassadors...AFTER I had confirmed the appointment and drove 20 miles. I normally wouldn't mention this, because that's just how uptight I am, but a lot of very interesting and cool things came out of this day...we were supposed to meet in Carefree, who was having a funky little craft fair, so when it became very apparent that the girl wasn't going to show, I decided to hang loose and check out the fair. I got stopped within seconds by a Gabe, a super cool dude who thought I was one of those people who go around photographing booths. I wasn't, but in shaka brah interest, I shot that booth. And here it is.
Nice clean shot, no great shakes, but definitely not something I usually do. So it took me 30 seconds to shoot the booth, and then another little bit to take away parking lot and add grass, and to take my reflection out of the mirror, and I made a day's wages and the promise of more work, with gratitude. So I was driving home, and it's biker week in Cave Creek, and I thought I might as well stop and check it out. I used to do this kind of thing all the time, but I haven't in probably 10 years. So I just went and hung out with all the bikers and biker chicks, and it was real cool. Here's what came out of that...

Cool bike, huh? When would I ever shoot a booth? or a bike? Or a biker chick, for that matter? but I did it and combined the shots and they look cool, and I feel inspired again.

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