Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pushing the Limits

Ok, I admit it, I am curious about the whole You Tube craze. So I went on and clicked around, and, you know what? Ninety nine percent of it is pure drek. Big surprise, huh? But one thing led to another, and I got pointed to this extremely cool video where they morphed a girl from being about 500 pounds into a super model in photoshop. It's truly extraordinary. You have to check it out. I don't have anyone who needs that kind of complete morph, but I was thinking about people, like, um, me, who are working on it and would love a bit of motivation to see what they will look like when they achieve their goal and lose the weight. Lisabeth was the perfect candidate. She is starting a website as, not a psychic, really, but a spiritual guide, has a very warm and loving presence, but wasn't up for taking pictures because she's on her way to her goal. She wanted to look professional, but open and easy to talk to. Photoshop has a pucker tool that works wonders, but I am a Painter fan, so I worked it with Painter.

These are, of course, on green screen, as this shot had to be worked in with two other shots and then put on a mystical type of background, but Lisabeth loved them.