Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Musser Family

I am so utterly blessed to have such amazing clients...I recently had the opportunity to hang out with the Musser family. Stephanie Musser is the principal of my Zoe's school, so I was a little scared...what if she doesn't like them, will my kid never win a citizenship award again?? Just kidding, Stephanie Musser simply isn't like that!! You can tell a lot about people when you take pictures of them, and I must say, and I'm not kissing any executive booty here, that this family was one of my favorite families of the season! They were always laughing and having a great time together, and teasing each other. Courtnie and Perrie were the coolest teenagers ever, and Dad, Dan didn't hate me at all, which really helped a lot in general. They were a very cohesive unit, and being together and laughing during a photo session makes your having your pictures taken fun memories to have forever. These guys were part of my memories this year. Thanks so much!!