Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shooting in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

I was privileged to shoot the wedding of Katy and Kellen this past weekend in Jamaica. They have been together for nine years, since they were teenagers, and they just love each other so much. The way he looks at her...well, let's just say it reminded me of how Buzz used to look at me before we had two kids sleeping between us every night. Their parents love them so much. It hurt me to see how much their parents love them, because my parents are pretty much gone, and it made me miss them. I am the first to admit, I don't like to shoot a lot of weddings...I will only take 10 weddings a year, only people that I absolutely believe in and fall in love with, and this one was the first one in quite a while that made me cry with it's beauty and simplicity. After the wedding, they jumped in the ocean in their wedding clothes...the pure joy of it...I realized that as a photographer, I watch too much...which is what makes me a good photographer, I guess, but the next day, I just felt like I needed more, I took my family to Ricks Cafe, an "overrated tourist trap" according to the tour books, but the greatest rush in the world for us as far as jumping off high cliffs go. Even four year old TT made a little 5 foot jump! I felt like I really was alive, living in the moment, no cameras, nothing in the way of feeling the rush of jumping off that cliff. I think that as a "professional watcher," artists, photographers, writers, it's important to go out there and DO sometimes. A lot of times, actually. It makes I guess my guest spot on the website paid off. That day, my husband looked at me like he did on our wedding day...even with two squirmy girls sleeping between us. It was a good day.