Friday, May 7, 2010

Phoenix Wedding-Heather and Brian

Heather and Brian's April 24th wedding was everything a wedding should be; fun, crazy, chaotic, and filled with so much raw, unbridled love and emotion from everyone involved that you can just tell that these guys are going to be still laughing and holding hands when they're 80, with all of their friends and family around to witness the love and laughter. The wedding and reception were held outdoors at the eclectic Carefree Station Restaurant, on the tree filled patio, surrounded by thousands of wildly blossoming plants . The light bounced all around after the ceremony, heightening every moment into . It was one of those weddings that I felt grateful to be a part of...I just fell in love with my couple. The little moments that make each wedding totally special and different abounded. They wrote each other notes the morning of their wedding, and when I delivered Brian's note to Heather at the Carefree Salon, where she was getting her hair and makeup done, she cried. Their children, Spencer, Cody, Bree and Macy stood up for them, and that morning, Macy told her mom how thrilled she was that Brian was finally going to be her real dad. When they had their sisters sign their marriage certificate, they told them that they had decided on them as the witnesses, then walked out and got the mail and theirs were the first two RSVPS. The day was just perfect, just like Heather and Brian.