Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, new look...

I have been trying to figure myself out lately, and have realized that I am an enigma. Mommy, photographer, artist, dog person, wife, nose blower, teacher, international businesswoman, toenail clipper, meal planner, butt wiper, cancer surviver. I do it all, on a constant, every day basis. I am maniacal about deadlines, and meticulous about my work. I took this picture of TT and our Great Dane Puppy, Athena, the other day. It is totally the direction that I am going in my personal work...part classic, part iconic, part Norman Rockwell. Maybe I am going back to basics in my personal life, because I paint and paint in my professional life, but then again, I painted this shot of my Zoe, and loved every minute of it. What do you think? What should be my new direction for 2009?

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