Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Makes Ya Want to have Another

Meet Baby Noah, whose parents drove TWO hours to come to have this tiny ANGEL photographed. Ooh, I just love all of his little folds and his sweet little arm reaching out like that! He just embodies the most cuddly little sweet baby EVER. I wish my dried out little skinny girls looked like this when they were babies. I just want to SQUEEZE him, and that's what I wanted to try to show when I took this photo. An interesting thing about babies...when you turn them on their sides, they always scrunch up their legs. Ooh, trade secret. I have to admit, until people know me, I know I seem like a total freak. I mean, I have my daughter Zoe's mo-ped pillow and body pillow under there, and we're in my living room shooting using window light...I hate using flash on babies...I think it hurts their eyes, and I'm telling them to put their precious angel in all of these awkward's a good thing I get results, I tell ya. I have always been one of those people where if you give me fishing wire and an eyelash curler, I can take on the world, but all of my "official stuff" stays buried in the garage. I mean, I had a 4000 square foot studio in North Dakota, 50 lights, backgrounds to die for sitting in my garage, and I'm using wall, floors and window light ? I don't get it. But with the painting, I thingk having set looks stifles creativity to make it the way I want it. Anyway, he was an absolute joy to shoot, and I feel totally honored that those guys came all the way up just to hang out with me.

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